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About is an extension of the
100M shop on Duke Street, Truro. The team love chatting to you all and making
lots of new friends and helping you to pick out the perfect outfit or something
for every day or a special occasion. We thrive on bringing
you fabulous, timeless essentials you will want to live your life in. Our team enjoy
helping you to express your own personality by building confidence through the
clothes you wear.

Amazing customer service was and
will continue to be at the forefront of what we offer, so we are always on the
end of the phone or email when you need help with your purchases or after
purchase care for your garments.

Since starting to build this
website we have sadly had to close our shop. We are looking for a new shop
location, however, we are still upstairs in our office & design studio at 8
Duke Street where all the magic happens!

With the help for my fantastic
team, we have managed to bring you all the fabulous collections you love to see
at 100M and more. We put together collections for our store, that are made from
predominantly natural, eco conscious & easy-care, sustainable materials, that
will improve your life by redefining what it means to be effortlessly put
together. We have a whole area dedicated to the 100 Metres Collection and a
beautifully curated range of clothing and accessories from our partners. We
hope you enjoy browsing and shopping to your hearts content.

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Welcome to the 100M
community. xx

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