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Jacquard Ladders Shawl (Flower)

Jacquard Ladders Shawl (Flower)

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The Jacquard Ladders shawl is luxuriously soft, warm and reversible. The hem boarder is detailed with a contemporary flora pattern on one side and stripe on the reverse. It’s plated in the main part with a contrast colour on the reverse side, giving you 2 shawls for the price of 1! When worn as a scarf around the neck, the ladders form ruffles that frame the face and keep you extra cosy. There are ladders throughout this shawl, so are perfectly placed to enable you to button it up any wear. This shawl is also detailed with locally sourced hand made ceramic, wooden or metal buttons.

*All buttons on collars, shawls etc are unique and may differ from photos

Please note: Products from the 100M Collection are handmade to order so some items may take a little longer to arrive.

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